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In today's tough economic climate, many Americans are in severe financial distress. Whether from job loss due to downsizing or lay-offs, loss of income due to illness, injury, or the death of a family wage-earner, a costly divorce, runaway credit card debt, unexpected expenses, or just financial mistakes, more and more people need debt relief options today than ever before. If you live in Madisonville, or anywhere in Hopkins County or Muhlenberg County and you are facing a financial crisis, I can help you find the answers you need. As a bankruptcy attorney, I am dedicated to helping consumers and homeowners in the area with debt relief solutions.

You may be getting harassing phone calls and letters from creditors or collection agencies. You may be facing wage garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure. You may be swamped with insurmountable debt that you can find no way to handle. As an American, you are protected by the Federal Bankruptcy Code which provides standard laws for debt relief. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, I can evaluate your financial situation, give you the information you need, and help you make an informed decision about how to salvage your finances and your peace of mind. The truth of the matter is that bankruptcy is not the solution for everyone. By answering your questions, dispelling any bankruptcy myths you may have heard and addressing your specific financial concerns, my goal is to determine the best possible approach to resolve your immediate concerns while seeking a solution that will address your long-term financial goals and security. Take advantage of the information provided on this site or call my offices to get the insight that will help you make the right choices about your case.

Experience and Results from 30 Years of Experience

I have been practicing law for 30 years and have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and legal skills to apply to your financial situation. It is my priority as a Madisonville bankruptcy attorney to ensure that your case is handled so well that you feel no other attorney could do as good a job as I do. My legal team and I focus on personalized service and client satisfaction.

I provide legal service, advice and representation in all areas of bankruptcy and debt- relief, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I can help you understand how the bankruptcy timeline works so you know what to expect in every stage of your case, can answer your questions about life after bankruptcy and how to approach credit repair, can review the potential benefits of bankruptcy as well as the potential disadvantages and can explain the bankruptcy process. My goal is not to have every client file bankruptcy but rather to help every client make the best possible decision based upon their specific financial situation, whether this is bankruptcy or a less aggressive form of debt relief.

In addition to handling bankruptcy cases in the Madisonville area, I also handle Social Security Disability claims for clients who have been disabled and are seeking the benefits they deserve.

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Deciding to file for bankruptcy is often a difficult decision. It is best to be fully informed about your legal options concerning debt relief through bankruptcy and their consequences. As a Madisonville bankruptcy lawyer, it is my goal to help each and every client I represent to regain control of their finances. The stated goal of the federal bankruptcy code is to give the honest debtor a fresh start. I can help you achieve that.

We realize it can be a hardship for you to come to the office. We will do as much work as possible over the phone or internet. Many times we may be able to prepare your bankruptcy during your initial visit minimizing the amount of time you have to come to the office.

Don't put off handling your overburdened financial state out of shame or fear. By doing so, you may be digging yourself further into debt and worsening your situation. Contact my office to schedule a consultation with me so that together we can begin the important task of restoring you and your family to financial stability. Contact bankruptcy lawyer Mark Little today to discuss your financial situation and your legal options.

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