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Credit Repair

Madisonville Credit Repair Attorney

Restoring Financial Confidence in Kentucky

Do you need credit repair in Madisonville or anywhere in Hopkins or Webster County? Does your credit report contain inaccuracies or inconsistencies that need to be addressed? The modern credit reporting system can often be flawed, but its impact can still limit the financial opportunities available to you.

As a credit repair lawyer in Madisonville, I understand how frustrating it can be to have a credit report that does not reflect your actual creditworthiness. I have 40 years of experience as a practicing attorney and will do everything possible to assist you with this important aspect of your financial condition.

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Rebuild Your Credit Post-Bankruptcy

Much of my firm concentrates its work on supporting clients through bankruptcy, a tool that allows many to overcome debt and regain control of their finances. One unavoidable consequence of bankruptcy is that filing will have a considerable, negative impact on your credit. Having a negative credit report can limit your ability to buy a house, lease a car, or obtain new lines of credit. Fortunately, efficient credit recovery is possible when the appropriate strategies are implemented. Bankruptcy filers can take steps to start repairing their credit immediately, and many recover within only a few years.

As a credit repair attorney in Madisonville, I can help you improve your credit after bankruptcy through:

  • Checking for inaccuracies or negative information. Believe it or not, it is not uncommon to find damaging information on your credit report that is wildly inaccurate. I can take steps to have inaccurate and negative information removed from your credit and ensure that your score is subsequently updated to reflect the removed elements.
  • Paying down open accounts. Bankruptcy does not allow you to discharge all types of debt, including student loans, tax debt, spousal support, and mortgage payments. You can improve your credit by reducing balances on these accounts as much as possible. I can help identify what accounts should be targeted to help improve your score efficiently.
  • Utilizing credit cards with no balance. If you enter bankruptcy with a credit card with zero balance, you will likely get to keep that card, as that account will not be involved with your filing. Continuing to responsibly use an existing line of credit can help quickly enhance your score. You will need to make regular payments and ensure that the balance remains close to zero.
  • Applying for secured credit cards. If you do not have an unsecured credit card available to you following a bankruptcy, you will likely have difficulty applying for a new one. Many lending institutions offer secured credit cards, which require cash security deposits but are generally available to those with lower credit scores. Using these cards can enable you to quickly restore credit in the wake of a bankruptcy filing. I can help identify secured credit cards and other resources.
  • Avoiding common credit recovery mistakes. When you have low credit, you will have a more challenging time applying for credit cards and securing loans. If you do manage to secure one or more loans, they will likely have less than favorable terms, including higher interest rates. It is important that you understand your limits during this recovery period and avoid applying for any application that will prompt a hard inquiry on your credit report. Accumulating too many hard inquiries can threaten recovery efforts and further damage your score. I can help you avoid these common errors and answer any questions that you may have about applying for credit cards, loans, and other financial resources.
  • Reporting positive information to credit bureaus. Frustratingly, creditors and lenders do not necessarily send positive information to credit bureaus. The more positive activity that you accumulate, the more your credit score will improve. You can help accelerate this process by asking creditors and lenders to report information to all 3 credit bureaus. I can assist in contacting creditors and lenders and ensure that all positive information is reflected in your report.

Why Hire a Credit Repair Attorney?

You may have already attempted to address and improve your credit on your own, especially if there are glaring inaccuracies on your report that are preventing you from accessing key financial opportunities. You may have been subject to unreturned calls, being shuffled from person to person, or only offered empty promises to address problems that are having an immediate negative impact on your life.

The reality is that credit card companies, lenders, and credit bureaus will respond to a qualified lawyer much more readily than they will to an individual consumer. As an experienced credit repair lawyer in Madisonville, I understand how these systems work and how to efficiently deliver results for my clients. I take a methodological and comprehensive approach toward credit repair and will work vigorously on your behalf to address problems and identify solutions.

I am prepared to provide you with a thorough examination and assessment of your credit report. Once I have identified problem areas, I can take aggressive and immediate steps to address negative information and remove inaccuracies. I can also negotiate directly with creditors to reduce your debt or reduce its overall effect on your credit report.

Get the customized credit repair plan that you need to move forward. Call my team at (888) 392-0409 or contact my firm online to get started.

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