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COVID-19 Update

As a Bankruptcy Trustee, Mark Little is working with other Trustees in Western Kentucky to implement a process in which Debtors can file a bankruptcy and receive a discharge without appearing in Court with other Debtors. Mark proposed having Debtors appear before a Trustee by videoconferencing at their attorney’s office. They can present their identification and proof of their Social Security number as required by the Bankruptcy Code and answer the Trustee’s questions. This process will keep Debtors safe and still permit bankruptcies to proceed in this time of economic crisis.

Despite the outbreak of the corona virus and the need for social distancing, the Law Office of Mark Little will remain open to discuss, prepare, and file bankruptcies. When we can no longer meet in person because of the coronavirus, we can meet by videoconferencing, telephone, email, or texting. Our entire staff will be available to answer any questions you may have about filing bankruptcy. You can depend on the Law Office of Mark Little during this time of crisis.