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Attorney Mark Little Named Secretary of The Association of Chapter 12 Trustees

We are excited to announce that attorney Mark Little was elected Secretary of The Association of Chapter 12 Trustees at the ACT2 conference.

To prepare for the NACTT Seminar in Indianapolis, the Association of Chapter 12 Trustees (ACT2) held a conference for trustees, judges, debtors, and creditors counsel and representatives. The conference featured a presentation from Professor Michael Langemeier on the current state of the agricultural economy. Professor Langemeier serves as an economics professor at Purdue University. In addition to the presentation, the conference also updated attendees on Chapter 12 case law. To view materials and other resources discussed at the conference, click here.

There was also a presentation that served as an introduction to Chapter 12 bankruptcy. The presenter reviewed the following topics:

  • Eligibility & pre-bankruptcy planning
  • How to use Chapter 12 to facilitate farm transitions
  • UCC Article 9 issues
  • Special tax considerations of Chapter 12.

During the ACT2 business meeting that took place after the conference, the Trustees elected new officers and board members. Among those elected was attorney Mark Little, who will now serve as Secretary of ACT2.

Everyone at our firm would like to congratulate Mark Little for being elected to his new office. We look forward to the work he will accomplish to help family farmers who are considering re-organization under Chapter 12.

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